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Private Well Water — May 15, 2015

Private Well Water

15%Fifteen percent . . .  less than 1 in 7 US residents have a private well as their primary source of drinking water.   Yet for those 48 million citizens, their well is critical to their health and well being.  And frankly for better or worse the only one responsible for the quality of that water is the owner. Yes there are those who will provide advise, but ultimately it is the owner who is responsible for that water quality.

Ok, so what.  Well in this blog we will discuss many of the questions private well owners ask regularly.  How do I  know?  I work at ETR Laboratories in Leominster MA.  We have been testing private well water for 20 years.  I would be arrogant to say we have seen it all.  But the fact is we have run across many of the issues which are commonly confronting private well owners.  It will be more fun if you have specific question or comments for me to address. However, I have lots to say in the absence of reader comments.

Look for a post here about once a week on some subject of importance to Private Well owners.